Private Transport Service

We offer transport service for our bunnies. Depending on availability, we normally transport on Mondays, Fridays, or Saturdays. 

Transport fees vary depending on fuel prices. We try to update the fuel surcharge at the beginning of each month. 

April 2021

Fuel Surcharge .13/ door to door mile. 

Mileage charge .35/ door to door miles.

Additional rabbits flat $10 transport fee

We guarantee a healthy bunny when it arrives. Since we offer a lifetime bunny guarantee, we do not use a 3rd party transport service but personally transport our rabbits. This allows us to answer any questions our customers have and to guarantee the bunny is healthy and safe when it arrives at it's new home. 

Transport is more affordable when teaming up with others who are also looking for transport to your area. This allows all parties to split the cost of transport making it more affordable. 

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