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Transport Information

We are willing to work with any transport of your choice as long as we do not feel that doing so would be harmful to the rabbits in any way. We do not drive more than 30 minutes to meet transports unless an additional fuel fee has been paid in advance.

We require any transport we work with to check over rabbit(s) and sign off on the condition of the rabbit(s) before receiving for transport. We are not responsible for the condition of the rabbit(s) once they leave our care. Please research any transport service you are considering to ensure they are reputable.

The lifetime bunny guarantee does not extend to bunnies that have issues due to neglect or maintenance issues during transport. Our lifetime guarantee does still apply to any issues other than those acquired through transport. 

Any rabbit we sell comes with approximately 5 pounds of transition feed. All rabbits leaving with a third-party transporter will have feed marked with rabbit's ear # and rabbits will be tattooed before leaving our facility. 

All rabbits personally transported by us or our animal care members will leave our facility with 5 pounds of transition feed. Rabbits may or may not have tattoos when they leave.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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